Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Random Thoughts

What is the world coming to when you can advertise an adultery website? What is next one just for pedophiles? 147,000 hits from the Houston area after the ad. I was once told that there are 3 categories of people. Those who will steal from you no matter what, those who will steal given the chance or oppurtunity, or those who will never steal. Unfortunately the majority of us probably fall in the middle ground but won't admit or realize it. This website may be the push some idiots need to cheat on their wifes/husbands.

How can any doctor allow anyone to have 8 babies? Irregardless that they already have 6 kids. All 14 kids were done through in vitro fertilization. Who in the world financed this undertaking? The cost is about $12000 for one cycle according to the web. (all info on the internet has to be correct, right?) The mom is now looking for $2M to do interviews. I guess she is going to try and catch up with the Duggars.

Facebook can be both iritating and addicting.

Why do all of your best thoughts/ideas occur in the shower? (or am I the only one) And I'm not talking about dirty thoughts.

Ken Hoffman is very funny on the radio. I love the fact that he has hardly any filter on his adolescent thoughts. Check out 1560thegame.com if you haven't heard him 12-2 M-F.

Can I hire someone just to empty my dishwasher or fold clothes, or is the answer to have more children?

At what point will the History Channel run out of shows to do on Nazis? How much info do we need to know?

How can a child use a whole roll of TP to wipe but not get the job done?

If Tracy McGrady had a man's name would he still act like a little bitch? Please find your way out of town.

Parenting Tip of the Blog

Ignore your children. They will become more self reliant. This will allow you to spend endless hours on laundry, dishes, facebook, and writing a blog that no one reads.


  1. that last comment/parenting tip is priceless. Easier said than done with "the little relentless" running around my house, but I'm loving your parenting advice. Maybe that is your real calling in blogosphere!

  2. I wrote about the ashley madison add too (huhns.org), couldn't believe it when I saw it. Even more disgusted that it only ran in Texas.

    I did email channel 2 about it and they "value our viewers' opinions and appreciate the time you took to share
    it with us." Great. That and $2 will get you a small coffee.

  3. I heard NBC turned down some beer ads for being "in poor taste"!

    I love and hate Hoffy at the same time. Is that weird?

    The History Channel and The Military Channel are both Hitler happy.

    ...and Face Book is addictive. They need a surgeon general's warning.

  4. Are you having writer's block? Time to get back in the game.

  5. But do you get enjoyment out of writing the blog that no one reads? THAT'S the question. If not, get back to the laundry. The MOM would appreciate it. Just sayin'....

    Blog hopping from somewhere. Happy Wednesday.

    TMac is a little B, really? Never knew. Then again, I hate the NBA. College anyday.