Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Random Thoughts

What is the world coming to when you can advertise an adultery website? What is next one just for pedophiles? 147,000 hits from the Houston area after the ad. I was once told that there are 3 categories of people. Those who will steal from you no matter what, those who will steal given the chance or oppurtunity, or those who will never steal. Unfortunately the majority of us probably fall in the middle ground but won't admit or realize it. This website may be the push some idiots need to cheat on their wifes/husbands.

How can any doctor allow anyone to have 8 babies? Irregardless that they already have 6 kids. All 14 kids were done through in vitro fertilization. Who in the world financed this undertaking? The cost is about $12000 for one cycle according to the web. (all info on the internet has to be correct, right?) The mom is now looking for $2M to do interviews. I guess she is going to try and catch up with the Duggars.

Facebook can be both iritating and addicting.

Why do all of your best thoughts/ideas occur in the shower? (or am I the only one) And I'm not talking about dirty thoughts.

Ken Hoffman is very funny on the radio. I love the fact that he has hardly any filter on his adolescent thoughts. Check out 1560thegame.com if you haven't heard him 12-2 M-F.

Can I hire someone just to empty my dishwasher or fold clothes, or is the answer to have more children?

At what point will the History Channel run out of shows to do on Nazis? How much info do we need to know?

How can a child use a whole roll of TP to wipe but not get the job done?

If Tracy McGrady had a man's name would he still act like a little bitch? Please find your way out of town.

Parenting Tip of the Blog

Ignore your children. They will become more self reliant. This will allow you to spend endless hours on laundry, dishes, facebook, and writing a blog that no one reads.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Recession Proof Items

As we enter this wonderful recession or I should say continue people are all trying to save money. The first thing most people look at is their grocery bill. People eat out less and cook at home more so controlling your grocery bill controlls your family's expense. Before you start buying store brands to save money please think about it. There are some items which should always be name brand.

ALWAYS buy Kingsford charcoal. Every other charcoal takes too long to light and you use more lighter fluid to start the fire.

ALWAYS buy name brand cookies. If you decide to buy your family a treat do not buy store brand cookies. My favorite snack cookie to eat is Double Stuff Oreos. I made the mistake of buying store brand. Needless to say I only ate two cookies. Of course if you are on a diet store brand works out great. The same goes for Chips Ahoy. Store brands suck.

Contrary to my neighbors opinions, ALWAYS buy good beer. This may only be Bud Light but please don't stoop to Keystone, the Beast, or the Champagne of beers. Cold and free is always the best and I never complain about what I'm getting but if I have a choice it is always drinkability that wins out. Leave the cheap beer to the college students.

Of course store brand TP should always be left to throw in people's trees not to wipe their bottoms.

I hope the few that read this post don't feel the effects of the recession but if you do please follow my advice.

Now on to the next step in Parenting.

Establish the fear of GOD in your children.

I'm not saying that you should be spanking your children, that is everyone's own decision, but if they don't have a little fear of the unknown they won't respect you. If you can establish a "look" it is even better. I can give my kids the "look" and they know that they are in trouble. Of course this has been established by acting like an idiot at times. Example: Two kids fighting over the same toy and won't share or quit fighting. Throw the toy away or out the window while driving down the road. A little temporary insanity works everytime. Remember it is hard raising perfect children.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

First Rule of Parenting

I always wondered where the phrase, "Because I said So!" originated. But it is truly the first rule of parenting. Once you have established this as the rule of the house everything else seems to fall into place. Parenting is not negotiating. You may live in a democracy but your house should not be one. I know this isn't PC but believe me it works. I have told my neighbors I going to write a book on parenting and this is going to be the first chapter and basically the only one necessary to solve many problems. Kids need structure in their lives. Living in an benevolent autocracy is the way to achieve this. Parents need to be loving but they also need to be parents. Quit trying to be your kids best friend, be their parent. It is hard raising perfect children but someone has to do it. That is meant to be sarcastic before anyone thinks that I really think my kids are perfect.